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All my husband really wants to do is watch cricket. And there is a lot of it about at the moment. But he can not really watch cricket whenever he wants to because we only have one telly and whenever he puts the cricket on – whether or not the kids are watching some programme of their own – the kids will scream NOT BORING CRICKET DADDY and pelt him with plastic fire engines and colouring books and shoes until he turns CBeebies on and they then slump in front of the telly in their pants with dazed expressions until teatime.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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A Study of the Eames Lounge Chair

As Graham Blackburn said in “A Brief History of Chairs,” humans have always looked for the best places to rest: “it seems that since humankind first stood up to see over the tall Savannah grasses, we have been looking for a place to sit back down.” The resting places of our ancient ancestors began as simple benches naturally made from the earth, or our own bodies, as the earliest Chinese people knelt on the ground and leaned back on their heels to support their weight. It is unsure when the idea of elevated seating began exactly, but it is known the idea of elevated seating is related to the idea of elevated status in society. To be above the ground sets humans above the animal kingdom – being higher up relates to being “better” or more intelligent.

In traditional East Asian settings, the practice of using ones own body to rest is still seen similarly with the use of low cushions and mats to sit upon the floor. The idea of being up off the ground in a seat with four legs and a back, the Western world is idea of a chair, was believed to begin in ancient Egypt, where the earliest surviving example of the typical “chair” was discovered. Egyptian tombs containing chairs have been discovered and dated to be as old as the Egyptian Old Kingdom. A famous example of an Egyptian seat dates back to 1352 B.C. It is, of course, the ornate throne of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, or King Tut (pictured below).

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman – The Conscious Refuge

When it comes to premium furniture, one of the most recognizable design items is the Eames Lounge Chair and it is Ottoman. This iconic masterpiece created by the most famous designer couple Charles & Ray Eames was first produced in 1956. Since then it never went out of fashion. It has become one of the elements of home furnishing that is like a classic Chanel bag – always IN and looks great with almost anything. Eames Lounge Chair is very classy and elegant, most definitely is a “symbol of status”.

This functional chair is a combination of highest quality materials and the perfected attention to detail. It gives a touch of solidity to a home office. It shows the maturity of a bachelor who has it in his studio apartment in the city center and finally it gives the accent of sophistication to any living room. The angle of the chair s back supports your chest so that you can be comfortable as you read, watch a movie, or have a conversation. This is a chair that fits practically anywhere in your home, from the living room to the office and is suitable for all ages.


De Vitra Eames House Bird kunst is ontworpen door Charles en Ray Eames. Het eigen huis van dit designer echtpaar had een collage-achtige inrichting, vol met accessoires die ze van hun reizen meenamen. Zoals ook deze Amerikaanse vogel die op zijn dunne pootjes lijkt te staan, maar zijn evenwicht vindt in zijn lange staart. Inmiddels is de Vitra Eames House Bird kunst geen vreemde vogel meer, maar een designicoon.

De Vitra Eames House Bird kunst is 28 centimeter hoog, 9 centimeter breed en 21 centimeter diep. De vogel is gemaakt van Elzenhout met staaldraden pootjes, de kleur is zwart. De vogel blijft zelfstandig staan door te balanceren op zijn staart en pootjes. Mooi detail: het opvallende kraaloogje.

De Vitra Eames House Bird kunst maak je schoon

door hem af te nemen met een vochtige doek, droog de vogel daarna wel direct af.

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